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X-Men vs. Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Example Fight One

Teams: Beast, Cyclops, and Wolverine (X-Men) vs. Blob, Lady Deathstrike, and Toad

Setup: A number of the X-Men are fighting against Magneto, leaving only three of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to stop Beast, Cyclops, and Wolverine.

Lady Deathstrike 1d20+6=21
Wolverine 1d20+10=18
Toad 1d20+8=15
Blob 1d20+0=13
Beast 1d20+8=12
Cyclops 1d20+2=6

Round One:
Lady Deathstrike wins initiative so she acts first.

Lady Deathstrike: Targets Wolverine with her claws. Her Fighting of 6 and Close Attack of 5 give her + 11 to attack. She uses her move action to reach Wolverine and then strikes him: 1d20+11=20. Since she is using a close attack (melee), she compares her roll to Wolverine’s Parry defense (base 10+10=20). She gets exactly the number she needs, so she hits. Wolverine has to make a Toughness resistance check against her attack. The base DC is 15 for Damage, plus 6 for her Str and 3 for her Damage effect (DC 24 total).

Wolverine (1 Hero Point): Toughness resistance check: 1d20+10=18. He fails by 6, which is 2 degrees of failure (1 for failing by 1-5, 2 for failing by 6-10). He takes a -1 penalty to Toughness checks and is Dazed (he only gets a standard or a move action, not both) until the end of Wolverine’s next turn.

He decides to attack her back on his turn. Since he has a Fighting score of 10 and 3 ranks of Close Combat: Claws, he has + 13 to attack. He rolls: 1d20+13=15, which does not hit her Parry score (base 10+11=21). His turn ends, so he is no longer Dazed.

Toad: Seeing Lady Deathstrike with the upper hand on Wolverine, Toad attacks at Cyclops, trying to catch him with a Snare attack. Since his is using a ranged attack, he looks at his Dexterity bonus (8) and his Ranged Attack advantage (2), for a total of + 10. He rolls: 1d20+10=15, a miss against Cyclops’s Dodge score (base 10+14=24).

Blob: Blob considers attacking Cyclops as well, but he isn’t very smart and doesn’t use teamwork. He uses his move action to approach Beast and his standard action to attack him with an unarmed attack. With Fighting of 4 and Close Attack 2, he has a + 6 bonus to attack: 1d20+6=13. A 13 is not high enough to hit Beast’s Parry defense (base 10+12=22).

Beast (1 Hero Point): Beast easily avoids Blob’s close attack, using his move action to position himself behind Toad and then attacks him with his standard action. With a Fighting score of 10 and a Close Attack 1 advantage, Beast adds + 11 to his attack rolls with close attacks: 1d20+11=18. Since he’s using a close attack, he compares his result to Toad’s Parry defense (base 10+12=22). Beast misses.

Cyclops (2 Hero Points): Cyclops uses his move action to position himself so that he can line up both Toad and Blob but not hit Beast, then uses his standard action to use his Optic Blast power. It’s a Line Area attack, so it hits everything along the line within range (30 feet). Area attacks (like Perception ranged attacks) do not require an attack roll. Instead, both Toad and Blob get a Dodge resistance check against the effect (base 10+10 ranks= DC 20 Dodge). Blob rolls 1d20+5=6 and Toad rolls 1d20+12=24. Since Toad succeeded in his Dodge check, he takes half damage (5 ranks of damage instead of 10).

Blob and Toad have to make their Toughness resistance checks. Blob rolls 1d20+13=20 (vs. DC 25) and Toad rolls 1d20+6=25 (vs. DC 20). Blob fails his roll by 5 (1 degree of failure), so he takes a -1 penalty to Toughness checks. Toad succeeds, so he takes no damage from the attack.

End of Round Summary Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike are in close combat with each other. Beast and Toad are in close combat with each other and Cyclops is in ranged combat with Toad. Blob is not in close combat range with any of the X-Men. Both Wolverine and Blob have a -1 penalty to Toughness. With Wolverine’s regeneration, the X-Men have a slight advantage so far.

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