Anarchist League Games

Example Fight Two

Note: This fight is intended to show the complexity of what Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition can accomplish, taking a humorous combat (a paladin did actually make this mistake in our WoW guild), and using real rolls (though they ended up with lots of natural 20s and natural 1s)…

Teams: Cuernos, Gurney, Gvozd, and Milla vs. Illidan Stormrage

Setup: Members of the World of Warcraft guild “the Anarchist League” have fought their way into Illidan Stormrage’s Black Temple and confront the self-proclaimed ruler of the Outlands. Illidan is much more powerful than any of his individual enemies, forcing them to use proper teamwork to take him down. Gurney is the “tank” of the group, while Cuernos serves as the healer.

Each of the four players has 1 Hero Point, while Gvozd also has 2 Luck points from his Bloodlust power.

Gvozd: 1d20+4=24
Cuernos: 1d20+1=18
Gurney: 1d20+0=18
Milla: 1d20+2=14
Illidan Stormrage: 1d20+8=10

Round One:
Gvozd wins initiative so he acts first. While Cuernos and Gurney tie, Cuernos has the higher initiative bonus (+1 vs. +0), so he acts before Gurney.

Gvozd – Not waiting for Gurney to hit Illidan first and grab his attention, the Tauren shaman unloads on the demonic Night Elf. Using his Fire Shock, he targets Illidan. Since he is using a ranged attack, his attack bonus is equal to his Dexterity of 4 plus his Ranged Attack of 6, for a total of 10: 1d20+10=23. Unfortunately, Illidan has a Dodge score of 14, so with the base of 10, enemies need to score a total of 24 or higher to hit him. Gvozd narrowly misses. “For the Voctory,” he yells. He uses his move action to get within close combat range of Illidan.

Cuernos – Acting second, Cuernos moves next to Gvozd and uses his Faerie Fire (Weaken effect) on Illidan. As a close attack, he adds his Fighting score of 2 plus his Close Combat of 8: 1d20+10=22. As with Gvozd, the attack misses.

Gurney – “Let me grab aggro, dammit!” the paladin yells, frustrated. He casts his Avenger’s Shield, a ranged attack, at Illidan. With a Dexterity of 0 and 10 ranks of Ranged Combat, he has a bonus of 10 to his attack roll: 1d20+10=16. He misses. As with the others, Gurney runs into close combat range with Illidan.

Milla – The warlock uses her standard action to use her Summon power for her demon, Jhuutom. The demon appears by her side but cannot act the round it is summoned. She does not take advantage of her move action.

Illidan – Turning on the first person to attack him, Illidan strikes at Gvozd with his Twin Warblades. With a Fighting score of 12 and Accurate 2 (total bonus of 4) on the weapons, he has a staggering bonus of 16 to his attack roll: 1d20+16=17. Against the odds, however, he rolls a natural 1 and misses with his attack.

End of Round Summary: Milla is in ranged combat with Illidan while the other three champions are in close combat with the Night Elf. No combatants are injured.

Round Two:

Gvozd – Now in close combat range, Gvozd uses his standard action to Bloodlust (Inspire), giving himself and all his allies a plus 5 bonus on their rolls for one round. He uses Extra Effort to gain another action, which he uses to attack Illidan with his Windfury. With his Fighting of 5 and 5 ranks of Close Combat, he rolls with a bonus of 10: 1d20+10+5=25. Using Inspire costs 1 of Gvozd’s Luck points and the Extra Effort causes him to be Fatigued on the following round. He uses his 2nd Luck point to remove the Fatigued condition. Since Gvozd’s attack roll (25) exceeds Illidan’s Parry score (base 10+14=24), Illidan must make a Toughness roll against the difficult of Gvozd’s attack (25): 1d20+14=34. With a natural 20, he successfully resists the attack.

Cuernos – As no one has yet been injured, the druid repeats his action. He attacks Illidan with his Weaken effect: 1d20+10+5=20. Again, he misses Illidan’s Parry score of 24.

Gurney – Gurney attacks Illidan with his sword. With a Fighting score of 4 and 6 ranks of Close Combat, he has a bonus of 10 to his attack roll: 1d20+10+5=35. With a natural 20, he automatically hits and scores a critical hit on Illidan. The demonic Night Elf must resist the difficulty of Gurney’s attack (25, plus 5 for the critical hit) with his Toughness score: 1d20+14=20. He fails by 10 (2 degrees of failure), so he suffers a -1 penalty to future Toughness rolls and is Dazed (he can either move or attack but not both) next round.

Milla – The warlock targets Illidan with her Hand of Gul’dan, a ranged effect. She rolls her Dexterity of 2, plus her Ranged Attack of 8: 1d20+10+5=18. As she is displeased with the result, she uses her Hero Point to re-roll in an attempt to improve her attack: 1d20+10+5=28. The warlock now exceeds Illidan’s Dodge score (base 10+14=24), so her attack hits. Since Milla’s attack is two linked effects, Illidan must resist each. First, he rolls Fort against difficulty 20: 1d20+14=29. He suffers no ill effect from the Affliction half of her attack. Second, he rolls Toughness (difficulty 25) to resist the damage component of her spell: 1d20+14-1=20. He fails by 5 (1 degree of failure), so he suffers another -1 penalty to Toughness.

Her summoned creature, Jhuutom, attacks Illidan at her verbal command (a free action). Using his Legion Strike (a close attack), Jhuutom attacks Illidan after moving into close combat with the enemy. With his Fighting of 6 and Close Combat of 4, he rolls 1d20+10 to hit (but does not gain the Inspire bonus since he is a summoned minion): 1d20+10=14. His roll misses.

Illidan – The demonic Night Elf strikes at Gurney: 1d20+16=23. Since he is making a close attack, Illidan needs to exceed Gurney’s Parry score (8) plus the base of 10, for a total of 18. Illidan hits and Gurney needs to make a Toughness resistance check (with his Toughness of 12): 1d20+12+5=37. He needs a 27 since Illidan’s effect is rank 12 (plus the base of 15), so he easily succeeds with his natural 20.

End of Round Summary: Cuernos, Gvozd, Gurney, and Jhuutom (Milla’s demon) are in close combat with Illidan Stormrage. Milla is in ranged combat with Illidan. Illidan has a -2 penalty to his Toughness rolls and is Dazed. Gvozd has 0 Luck points remaining. Milla has 0 Hero Points remaining. The other players (Cuernos and Gurney) have 1 Hero Point each.

Round 3:

Gvozd – The shaman continues his assault on Illidan: 1d20+10=24. He hits the target number for Illidan’s defenses (10+14=24), so Illidan must make a Toughness check: 1d20+14-2=17. Gvozd’s effect is rank 10, so Illidan needs a 25 on his roll (base 15+10=25). He fails by 8 (2 degrees), keeping him Dazed another round and applying yet another -1 to his Toughness. Gvozd laughs and then moos at the Night Elf.

Cuernos – Amused by the lack of healing he needs to perform, the druid casts yet another attack at Illidan. Close attack: 1d20+10=29. He easily hits, forcing Illidan to make a Will resistance check against the difficulty of 20: 1d20+14=24. Illidan resists the spell.

Gurney – Frustrated at Gvozd and believing that the shaman will attract the wrath of Illidan, the paladin casts his Divine Intervention on his teammate. Gvozd becomes temporarily immune to any effects (such as sword attacks) requiring a Toughness check. He also becomes temporarily stunned (with no resistance check). Gurney, not thinking through his power’s side effects… immediately dies.

Milla – “… did… did he just… oh crap…” the warlock exclaims. She targets her opponent with a Shadow Bolt, once again rolling with an attack bonus of 10: 1d20+10=23. The attack misses. Jhuutom attacks Illidan with the same bonus of 10: 1d20+10=11. With a natural 1, he automatically misses.

Illidan – Confused by the death of Gurney but clearly noticing the protective layer of magical light around Gvozd, Illidan rushes at the only other target to harm him. Since he is Dazed, he only has access to a move or standard action (not both). He moves into close combat range with Milla the warlock.

End of Round Summary: Gvozd is Stunned and Gurney is dead. Cuernos is in ranged combat with Illidan (who moved away from the druid) but Milla is in close combat with the enemy. Illidan is at -3 to his Toughness rolls. The champions remain unhurt.

Round 4:

Gvozd – “WHY CAN’T I MOVE?!?!” the shaman yells, watching Illidan rush his poorly armored companion. The shaman is unable to act but gets a Fort resistance check at the end of his turn: 1d20+11=19. He fails to score the target number of 20 and thus remains stunned.

Cuernos – Thinking quickly, the druid uses his move action to activate his Alternate Form (Bear). With his standard action, he uses his Growl (Startle – Intimidation/Deception) ability to try tricking Illidan into attacking him rather than his ally, Milla. He rolls Intimidation (bonus of 15): 1d20+15=16. Illidan resists with his Will score (14): 1d20+14=34. Illidan ignores the druid.

Milla – Milla uses her move action to activate her own Alternate Form (Demon), then uses her standard action to activate her Fire Aura effect. Jhuutom uses his Axe Toss ranged ability: 1d20+10=28. He scores a hit, forcing Illidan to make a Fort check: 1d20+14=34. Rolling yet another natural 20, Illidan ignores the demon’s attack. Jhuutom moves into close combat range with Illidan.

Illidan – Illidan attacks Milla with his Twin Warglaives, rolling his bonus of 16 versus her Parry score (base 10+10 in demon form). Fortunately for the warlock, Illidan rolls another natural 1, resulting in an automatic miss. Due to Milla’s Fire Aura (a Reaction effect triggered with close attacks against her), she rolls a close attack roll against Illidan: 1d20+12=25. Illidan must make a Toughness resistance check against difficulty 22 (base 15 plus rank 7=22): 1d20+14-3=28. He successfully resists the damage.

End of Round Summary: Gvozd remains Stunned and unable to act, while Gurney remains dead. Cuernos is still in ranged attack distance from Illidan, while Milla and Jhuutom are in close combat with Illidan. Illidan is at -3 Toughness, while the surviving champions of the Horde press the attack…

X-Men vs. Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Example Fight One

Teams: Beast, Cyclops, and Wolverine (X-Men) vs. Blob, Lady Deathstrike, and Toad

Setup: A number of the X-Men are fighting against Magneto, leaving only three of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to stop Beast, Cyclops, and Wolverine.

Lady Deathstrike 1d20+6=21
Wolverine 1d20+10=18
Toad 1d20+8=15
Blob 1d20+0=13
Beast 1d20+8=12
Cyclops 1d20+2=6

Round One:
Lady Deathstrike wins initiative so she acts first.

Lady Deathstrike: Targets Wolverine with her claws. Her Fighting of 6 and Close Attack of 5 give her + 11 to attack. She uses her move action to reach Wolverine and then strikes him: 1d20+11=20. Since she is using a close attack (melee), she compares her roll to Wolverine’s Parry defense (base 10+10=20). She gets exactly the number she needs, so she hits. Wolverine has to make a Toughness resistance check against her attack. The base DC is 15 for Damage, plus 6 for her Str and 3 for her Damage effect (DC 24 total).

Wolverine (1 Hero Point): Toughness resistance check: 1d20+10=18. He fails by 6, which is 2 degrees of failure (1 for failing by 1-5, 2 for failing by 6-10). He takes a -1 penalty to Toughness checks and is Dazed (he only gets a standard or a move action, not both) until the end of Wolverine’s next turn.

He decides to attack her back on his turn. Since he has a Fighting score of 10 and 3 ranks of Close Combat: Claws, he has + 13 to attack. He rolls: 1d20+13=15, which does not hit her Parry score (base 10+11=21). His turn ends, so he is no longer Dazed.

Toad: Seeing Lady Deathstrike with the upper hand on Wolverine, Toad attacks at Cyclops, trying to catch him with a Snare attack. Since his is using a ranged attack, he looks at his Dexterity bonus (8) and his Ranged Attack advantage (2), for a total of + 10. He rolls: 1d20+10=15, a miss against Cyclops’s Dodge score (base 10+14=24).

Blob: Blob considers attacking Cyclops as well, but he isn’t very smart and doesn’t use teamwork. He uses his move action to approach Beast and his standard action to attack him with an unarmed attack. With Fighting of 4 and Close Attack 2, he has a + 6 bonus to attack: 1d20+6=13. A 13 is not high enough to hit Beast’s Parry defense (base 10+12=22).

Beast (1 Hero Point): Beast easily avoids Blob’s close attack, using his move action to position himself behind Toad and then attacks him with his standard action. With a Fighting score of 10 and a Close Attack 1 advantage, Beast adds + 11 to his attack rolls with close attacks: 1d20+11=18. Since he’s using a close attack, he compares his result to Toad’s Parry defense (base 10+12=22). Beast misses.

Cyclops (2 Hero Points): Cyclops uses his move action to position himself so that he can line up both Toad and Blob but not hit Beast, then uses his standard action to use his Optic Blast power. It’s a Line Area attack, so it hits everything along the line within range (30 feet). Area attacks (like Perception ranged attacks) do not require an attack roll. Instead, both Toad and Blob get a Dodge resistance check against the effect (base 10+10 ranks= DC 20 Dodge). Blob rolls 1d20+5=6 and Toad rolls 1d20+12=24. Since Toad succeeded in his Dodge check, he takes half damage (5 ranks of damage instead of 10).

Blob and Toad have to make their Toughness resistance checks. Blob rolls 1d20+13=20 (vs. DC 25) and Toad rolls 1d20+6=25 (vs. DC 20). Blob fails his roll by 5 (1 degree of failure), so he takes a -1 penalty to Toughness checks. Toad succeeds, so he takes no damage from the attack.

End of Round Summary Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike are in close combat with each other. Beast and Toad are in close combat with each other and Cyclops is in ranged combat with Toad. Blob is not in close combat range with any of the X-Men. Both Wolverine and Blob have a -1 penalty to Toughness. With Wolverine’s regeneration, the X-Men have a slight advantage so far.

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